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  Today, ELEMENT attended the signing ceremony for its official entry into the core area of China Ceramic Industry Headquarters and China Ceramic City in the furtherance of accelerating the strategic layout of its branding supported by resources of its base in Green Island Square.


  Today, the signing ceremony for ELEMENT's entry into China Ceramics Industry Headquarters (CCIH) was successfully concluded. Mr. Banson, Chief products operation officer of ELEMENT, and Mr. Tang Jieming, general manager of CCIH respectively signed the contract. Both sides will explore the potential of further cooperation and work together to create a better future.


  Mr. Chen (G. M. of Hafary Foshan), Mr. Luo(Deputy G. M.), Mr. Luo (G. M.), Ms. Doreen (G. M.), Mr. Li (Deputy G. M.) and heads of departments, together with Dr. Yin Hong, Secretary-General of Foshan Ceramic Industry Association, senior executives of CCIH and friends from media community were all present to witness another important moment of ELEMENT.


  Wait For the Best


  CCIH is a high-level ceramics display complex in the industry. An investment of RMB2.6 billion and a construction area of 400,000m2, it has rallied 300+ high-end and elite ceramic brands from China and the world. To leverage the industry agglomeration of the headquarters, ELEMENT made its entry into CCIH with its well-positioned strategies—investing 10+million to build a luxury HomeDecor Experience Hall to honor the fusion of art creativity and techniques that bring new vision to space furnishing.


▲ 中国陶瓷总部总经理 汤洁明


  Tang Jieming, G.M. of CCIH, said in his speech: CCIH has been paying close attention to ELEMENT's branding expansion since its establishment. 3 years ago, it was a pity that the two sides were unable to cooperate for the time being. Today, the best arrangement has arrived. ELEMENT thrived upon the production and operation genes of foreign ceramics. Its collaboration with two acclaimed Italian ceramic brands will certainly empower the CCIH and China Slab • Material Display and procurement base. CCIH has always been interested in strengthening the connection between global and domestic ceramics market. The high-quality global resources provided by ELEMENT and the concept of "move forward together for our aspiration” championed by its team infuse the brand with unique charm. Looking forward, CCIH-ELEMENT alliance will make use of global and domestic resources to launch more cooperation and exchange projects at international level. While seeking for shared growth and connectivity, CCIH-ELEMENT will jointly explore the development path featuring high-quality growth, uniqueness and avant-garde brand. In the end, Mr. Tang wished ELEMENT greater prosperity and achievement in CCIH.


▲ 爱力蒙特首席产品官 魏贝赞

  在签约仪式上,爱力蒙特首席产品官魏贝赞为在座嘉宾分享了爱力蒙特瓷砖的成立背景、品牌理念、与未来的发展规划!他表示,爱力蒙特瓷砖是新加坡上市公司HAFARY合发利与爱力蒙特中国团队联合创立的合资公司,双方的强强联合,历经四年发展,公司在商业、定制渠道上得到了广大用户的认可,甚至在招商板块上,接近50%的意大利瓷砖代理商成为了爱力蒙特瓷砖的服务商。通过开发符合市场潮流,具备强大的、可持续发展的产品结构体系,整合意大利Target 集团旗下高端手绘岩板品牌fuoriformato、意大利Panaria集团旗下高端岩板品牌Kerlite,爱力蒙特瓷砖精准定位,以设计和技术的持续驱动,打造可媲美意大利高端进口瓷砖的、受人尊重的中国品牌,并切合中国每⼀位⾼端消费者的真实需求,为他们提供安全、健康、舒适的空间材料整体应⽤解决⽅案。

  At the signing ceremony, Mr. Banson, ELEMENT chief product officer, shared with the guests the background, brand concept and future development plan. ELEMENT is a joint venture company co-founded by Hafary, a Singapore-listed company and ELEMENT China Team. He Said that supported by strong resources of both sides, ELEMENT has been widely recognized for its commercial channels and tailor-made services in the past 4 years. In terms of investment promotion, nearly 50% of agents in Italy are the service providers of ELEMENT ceramics. ELEMENT has integrated Fouriformato, a high-end handcrafted slab of Target Group in Italy, and Kerlite, a top-quality slab of Panaria Group, to develop a sustainable product mix that conforms to the market trend. With well-positioned solution, ELEMENT relies on the design and technique drives to create a respected Chinese ceramic brand comparable to Italian high-end imported ceramic. ELEMENT is committed to meet the demand of each customers in China and offer customers a secure, healthy and cozy solution for space material application.


  4 years of foundation enhancement and efforts empower ELEMENT's entry into CCIH core areas at the right time. At the event, Mr. Banson conveyed his gratitude to CCIH and Mr. Tang for their supports and decision they have made to give ELEMENT access to core area, which indicated a favorable start for ELEMENT's band expansion in the second phase.


▲ 中国陶瓷总部 爱力蒙特TREND HUB的效果图



  The power of change


  To create our future is better than to foresee it.


▲ 签约仪式

左:爱力蒙特首席产品官 魏贝赞;右:中国陶瓷总部总经理 汤洁明

  在签约仪式上,爱力蒙特瓷砖正式公布:爱力蒙特首座家居顶级体验馆 TREND HUB 将在金秋10月华美绽放,同时,宣布品牌进驻中国陶瓷城的核心位置,实现品牌发展的二次腾飞。在佛山这座被誉为“南国陶都”历史文化名城里,爱力蒙特的每一次“发力”都与城市在建筑、艺术与科技创新领域的交互中,带来激动人心的蝶变!

  At the signing ceremony, ELEMENT officially announced that the first luxury HomeDecor Experience Hall—trend hub—will open in October. Meanwhile, ELEMENT's entry into CCIH core area marks the second bloom of its brand development. Whenever ELEMENT launches a new movement in Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city known as the "ceramic city of southern China", it always triggers exciting fashion trend amid its interaction with urban buildings, art and technological innovation.


▲ 陶企三人行

左:爱力蒙特首席产品官 魏贝赞;中:佛山市陶瓷行业协会秘书长 尹虹博士;右:新加坡合发利(中国)总经理 陈在丰


  In the discussion session presented by Mr. Banson, Mr. Chen and Dr. Yin Hong right after the signing ceremony, guests present gained more professional insight about the brand features and connotation of ELEMENT.


▲ 媒体采访

  随后,魏总、陈总,联合中国陶瓷总部总经理汤洁明在台上接受了媒体采访。对于备受媒体广泛关注的品牌总部新展厅“TREND HUB”,魏总提前在此剧透了一翻,他认为:爱力蒙特瓷砖作为一个BDD品牌(设计驱动型品牌),新展厅的落成将充分把体验的这个品牌的价值完美呈现给我们B端的客户,以及C端的消费者。展厅一楼内部设置星辰大海、未来都市、星剧场和咖啡体验空间四大板块;二楼打造E-HOUSE场景体验及TOP卫浴空间;三楼则是品牌专业选材空间,这里将赋予产品、空间更多的可能性。

  Subsequently, Mr. Banson, Mr. Tang Jieming and Mr. Chen accepted the media interview. As for Trend Hub, which is widely concerned by media community, Mr. Banson revealed that: As a BDD brand (design driven brand), the completion of the new showroom hall will fully present the value of this brand to our individuals and businesses. Inside the first floor of the showroom, there are four sections: Star Sea, Future City, Star Theater and Coffee Space. The second floor is an E-House scenario immersion space and TOP bathroom space. The third floor is a brand material selection center, which will bring more possibilities to products and space.


  During the interview, Mr. Banson also mentioned the corporate social responsibility. While achieving win-win business and cooperation, we should give back to our community and shoulder our social responsibility. Even though we are not strong enough in today's difficult environment, we must stay optimistic and confident, act carefully and give more support to our end customers.


  As a representative of Singapore Hafary Group, Mr. Chen expressed his expectation and support for ELEMENT in the interview. He expected very much the vision of "respected Chinese brand", and wished that the brand would grow bigger and stronger. Singapore Hafary Group will provide its full support to ELEMENT's brand expansion.


  In view of the question about the differences between imported ceramics and domestic ceramics, Mr. Tang contended that: The difference lies in the product concept and the operation and coping methods of the team. We advocate usually that to make foreign things serve china and to create things with Chinese features and styles. Therefore, we highly anticipated that ELEMENT will offer more products that move beyond the boundary of Italian style and elegant furnishing.



  Stay committed to your life-long objective.


  ELEMENT is the first ceramic brand that promotes Functional Value Ceramics and adopts Anti-slip standards of America and Europe. Since its inception, ELEMENT stays committed to building a healthy and cozy artistic dwelling space. With world-class product design and manufacturing techniques, ELEMENT explores the prime Italian ceramic esthetics to offer customers a sustainable product mix that conforms to the market trend.


  ELEMENT is currently building a new global vision and going deeper into more first-tier and second-tier cities. While reaching out to cities around, ELEMENT prioritizes product innovation and research based on its well-placed strategy--originality, innovation, product and customer first--to create a acclaimed Chinese brand. Going forward, we will make ELEMENT a favorable choice of modern architects and the optimal secure product for customers.